Sunday, May 12, 2013

His Google searches..........

Barebacking shemales, preteen porn, 'How to kill a neighbor's dog', 'How to inject insulin to commit suicide', 'Best criminal lawyer in Edmonton' 'Pus filled bumps' What a pig


From Donovan to me: "You went from back and forth banter to sending that shit to my family.. That was the last straw. I have your ip locked from one of those emails you sent as well as you posted your own phone number on the yahoo account you dumb bitch. Im coming to Vancouver to get you now..." and there's more.........Angel, do you hunt? I love hunting, its something I am really good at. Im so good in fact that I can field dress a 700 mule with out spilling a drop of blood. It to the point that it's like the other deer just don't know it went missing. Just one day it was there, then the next.... Gone. Just thought I would explain to you how good I am at hunting. but wait! there's more!...You go ahead and send whatever you want to the police. You better show them this fake account you used to fraudulently break into my email account that you received my "hunting stories", show them the cheque you altered as well. twice*...... Do what ever you want you dumb fucking bitch. 3 hours from Winnipeg and can be outside your fucking shop. I can't touch you? Wait till what I have been working on hits you metaphorically right across the face and closes you down. You stepped up the game by breaking into my email. Preteen girls and shemales? You must be having flashbacks from your childhood rapes""Idiot, fraud artists,this, that.. You can keep going on and on about this and that. Truth is Angel. If I did this and did that then why was I not arrested not more than 3 months ago when I was one on one talking with RCMP they had my ID, ran my name. You say I have no money yet I can just pack up and say fuck it and move half way across the country then back again.. then back again. I will say this once again and once only. If I have done something illegal. Call the cops, You can't cause I didn't. or you tried and got laughed at. Your a 55 year old woman, grow the fuck up. You drink, you do drugs, you fuck 20 year olds on the floor of your tattoo shop. You need to move the fuck on, if this is a segway for you realizing you going nowhere as an artist and it makes it easier for you fine but find something fast cause this shit is getting annoying."'Angel, I have been reading that for a month or so.. I am the only one who sees it.. I am the only one who comments on it. If you think blasting me online anywhere bothers me your wrong. I couldnt care less cause as everything. It blows over in a few weeks time..." What a jerk

Thursday, April 25, 2013

OkCupid profile

His profile claims he's 'done a bunch of travelling' Says he's a narcissist...................true says he is Jewish...NOT!......................... a comedian?.................I doubt it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

His Google search history....

Searched for Donovan Adams edmonton 25 craigslist 9:19am Searched for donovan aams edmonton 25 9:18am Searched for edmonton craigslist 9:16am craigslist: edmonton classifieds for... - 9:17am Apr 6, 2013 Searched for Donovan Adams edmonton 25 6:38pm edmonton rants & raves classifieds - craigslist - - Viewed 2 times 6:38pm Searched for someone posted a video of me on youtube 6:37pm Searched for someone posted medical records online 6:37pm Searched for posting medical records online 6:37pm Searched for Vancouver police Donovan Adams 6:32pm Searched for Vancouver police 6:32pm Contact the VPD | Vancouver Police Department - 6:32pm Report a Crime | Vancouver Police Department - 6:32pm Searched for is it illegal to post someones medical information online 6:24pm Is it illegal to post someones information... - 6:24pm craigslist: vancouver, BC classifieds... - - Viewed 9 times 6:17pm Apr 6, 2013 Searched for Donovan Adams edmonton 25 6:38pm edmonton rants & raves classifieds - craigslist - - Viewed 2 times 6:38pm Searched for craigslist vancouver bc 6:16pm craigslist: vancouver, BC classifieds... - - Viewed 9 times 6:17pm Searched for Donovan Adams edmonton 25 6:13pm Searched for donovan adams edmonton 6:13pm Searched for donovan adams Edmonton 25 6:10pm edmonton rants & raves classifieds - craigslist - - Viewed 2 times 6:10pm Searched for donovan adams Edmonton 6:09pm Searched for don adamms Edmonton 6:09pm Apartments for rent in Ontario. yonge... - 3:49pm Jan 31, 2013 (cont.) Sunshyne Monroe - Videos - Shemale Tube Videos - 3:37am 2:29am Little models for you - 2:29am Aiy Preteen Model :: Only Video - 2:28am PRETEEN MODELS - NN Models, Preteens,... - 2:28am preteen lolita sex gallery - xHamster - 2:27am ...Cute Star dot Info : Nonude Preteen... - 2:23am Harrison Galleries Vancouver's foremost... - 12:14am Feb 14, 2013 (cont.) 1:07am Alberta Crime Stoppers Associations' Web Portal - 1:05am Sentry Safe UC-025K Under Counter Drop... - 12:44am Safes - 12:42am Vancouver Locksmith « Tags « West Coast... - 12:40am Safes, Vaults, Security Equipment | Simian... - 12:38am Used Safes - Secure Your Belongings With Our Used Safes. Call 778-374-3236. 12:37am Block someone - Google+ Help - 12:14am Vancouver Police Department Home - City... - 12:08am Edmonton's Most Wanted - - Viewed 10 times 12:07am Vancouver Provincial Court Public Access... - 12:04am Security Deposits, Pet Deposits and Inspectio... - 12:03am Feb 13, 2013 Searched for concrete half blocks 11:58pm Commercial Tenancy Act - 11:53pm Ending a Tenancy : RTB : Government of... - 11:47pm BILL 10 -- 1993: COMMERCIAL TENANCY ACT - 11:46pm Police 'should be prepared' for new remand... - 1:58am Edmonton Remand Centre - 1:56am What Happens Now? - Calgary John Howard Society - 1:56am Searched for north fraser pretrial centre 1:55am North Fraser Pretrial Centre | Government - 1:54am Searched for remand center vancouver bc 1:53am CSBC - North Fraser Pre-Trial - 1:53am Surrey Pre Trial Serv Center - 1:53am 1:53am Searched for jails in vancouver bc 1:52am Syscon Justice Systems - 1:52am British Columbia Jails and Correctional... - 1:50am Searched for vancouver remand centre 1:49am 1:49am the rights of people held on remand - 1:45am Warrants - 1:40am Peace River Record Gazette - - Viewed 7 times 1:25am Alberta Police Report - 1:14am

Friday, April 12, 2013


He had an event here in March. He charged $5 for admission. There were at least 45 tickets sold, so he pocketed $225.00 from that as well as over $800 for the bar sales. None of the two staff were paid for their time..........and, of course I saw no rent money from him either.